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Monday, August 8, 2011

Phil Ivey vs FTP [part 2]

An interesting spill on details of financial arrangements between Phil Ivey and Full Tilt Poker was posted recently. Ivey and Full Tilt Poker have had a rocky relationship lately. I reported earlier on the details of Ivey's lawsuit against FTP. Situation continues to evolve rapidly. Since my blog post it was reported that Phil Ivey dropped his suite against FTP. No explanation whatsoever provided on his reasons. Now these financial details surfaced.

Subjectpoker blogger basically got hold of a fragment of Phil Ivey player account ledger with FTP. Although blog authors allude that they have obtained the raw data from HighstakesDb, a data mining site. That strikes me as improbable. Such claim just does not pass my BS smell test. The information is clearly an internal financial information detailing poker legend's deposits, withdrawals and loans. No amount of "data mining" would uncover information like that ever. Such information is key to functioning of any online poker room and is safeguarded appropriately. In this instance Ivey is reported to borrow large sums, on occasion more than a million dollar, to play high stakes online poker. In short information like that does not just float around Internet. There is only one possible source - an FTP insider willing to leak. 

First of all it shows how much things have gone out of control at FTP corporate. My initial reaction was - it is probably a job of a disgruntled ex-employee. Understandably many employees are frustrated and angered, not to mention fear for their jobs. Although someone claiming to be an FTP employee posted on 2+2 forums that salaries at FTP were paid on time. Someone could simply buy that data, but a possible motive (such as to justify the expense) is not clear.

However, there is another explanation to the leak. This leak may be a deliberate move by FTP. The goal of such a move is to embarrass Phil Ivey, draw more attention to his self-serving lawsuit, basically put a "squeeze" on Phil Ivey. If that is the case then it is a brilliant move. It is an aikido style move where energy of opponent's own blow is used to dislodge him. If you are not into martial arts then just appreciate how cheap and effective such a move is. Indeed it shows that expensive lawsuits are not always quickest way to get what you want. Perhaps FTP leadership are just good students of Machiavelli.

I would give each possibility a 50% chance. What do you think?

I have to give kudos to subjectpoker team for developing a fresh and unique information. Perhaps even more kudos for absence of poker room reviews and other usual affiliate fluff on their site.

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